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Opportunities in HR

Join and Train with the Federal HR Team

Interested in Federal Human Capital Jobs?

Join the federal government and help recruit, hire, develop, engage, retain, and support a world class civil service!

Here are a few examples of occupational series in the HR field. Clink the links directly to view current openings.

To learn more about government human capital job opportunities, and for helpful hints for searching and applying, visit USAJOBS.

Current Federal Employees

Interested in a Short-Term Developmental Opportunity?

President's Management Council Interagency Rotation Program

In 2011, the President's Management Council (PMC) and the Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council launched the PMC Interagency Rotation Program to bolster cross-agency exposure for high-potential GS 13-15s. The program provides each participant an interagency six-month developmental experience (April-September/October-March) to help develop and/or enhance specific leadership competencies identified by both the participant and his/her home supervisor. These competencies align with the Executive Core Qualifications (ECQs) and are outlined in the participant's Individual Development Plan (IDP).

CXO Fellowship

The CXO Fellowship is a professional development program for federal employees in grades GS-09 through GS-13 supporting the financial management, information technology, data, acquisition, or human capital support functions. The program's mission is to increase cross-functional collaboration in an inter-agency environment. Fellows stay in their respective agencies throughout the year. The program begins in October and ends in September. Throughout the year, fellows meet twice a month, approximately 10-15 hours, for developmental sessions in leadership, cross-functional and inter-agency collaboration, and career development. There is no cost associated with this program. To learn more, visit the CXO Fellows webpage and download the CXO digital brochure.

Open Opportunities

Open Opportunities is a government wide program offering professional development and mentoring opportunities to current federal employees. The program facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing across the federal government and offers a wide variety of real-world projects to work on. Discover opportunities across government that will help you make connections, build skills, and make a difference. Search here for available open opportunities.

Interested in Current HR Training Opportunities?