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CHCO Council and CHCOC.gov

The Chief Human Capital Officers (CHCO) Council is the principal interagency forum to advise and coordinate the activities of our members on such matters of modernization of human resources systems, improved quality of human resources information and legislation affecting human resources operations and organizations.

CHCOC.gov is where CHCO Council activities are shared - including Council meetings and events, human capital policy and guidance, HR jobs and developmental opportunities, and “news” from our community.

OPM Acting Director Rob Shriver

“As the Federal government's champions of talent, OPM values the strong relationship we have with Chief Human Capital Officers across the federal government. The CHCO Council is an essential collaborative body that brings together the people who are leading the implementation of the workforce agenda in their agencies. I rely on the CHCO Council to help shape Federal workforce policy and to develop OPM's priorities so that we can have the biggest positive impact.” - OPM Acting Director Rob Shriver