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Committees and Working Groups

Where We Are Focused

Executive Steering Committee (ESC)

At the request of the Chair, the Executive Steering Committee:

ESC Members

CHCO Council Priorities

The CHCO Council has established four priorities for 2022. These priorities reflect input from Council members on key issues they would like to shape and align with OPM's Strategic Plan and the President's Management Agenda. The four priorities are:

1. Inform Human Capital Policy Development

2. Build HR Workforce Capacity and Capability

3. Improve Human Capital Data Collection and Use

4. Foster Strategic Partnerships to Elevate Human Capital

CHCO Council Working Groups

The CHCO Council creates working groups to address emerging needs that are time-limited in nature and are oriented towards more tactical solutions. CHCO Council members, Deputy CHCOs and/or designees may lead or participate on any of the working groups.

Below are the Working Groups that were established in 2021. We look forward to sharing the CHCO Council 2022 Working Groups soon.

Strengthening the CHCO Council
Goal: Review and propose updates to the CHCO Council charter and support the CHCO Council Executive Director in reviewing and improving Council operations, resources, membership, communication and connectivity with other cross-agency councils.

Future of Work
Goal: Provide input on the vision and guiding principles for the post-reentry work environment, as well as policy guidance and resources needed to support re-entry and the longer-term future of work based on lessons learned.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Accessibility
Goal: Identify and highlight best practices for embedding DEIA in all areas of HR (i.e., outreach, recruitment, onboarding, advancement, learning & development, performance & awards and retention) in a promising practices toolkit.