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Articles from the CHCO Council

The CHCO Council Celebrates 20 Years of Success

By CHCO Council Staff - May 2023

CHCO Council 20th Anniversary Awards Ceremony and Celebration
On May 18th, 2023, OPM and the CHCO Council hosted the Council's 20th Anniversary Awards Ceremony and Celebration. With over 100 attendees, including several former OPM Directors, past and present CHCOs, administration leaders, Congressional staff, and more, the event was a terrific success as the Council looked back on the last 20 years and charted a path for the future. OPM Director and CHCO Council Chair Kiran Ahuja, OPM Deputy Director Rob Shriver, Department of the Interior Deputy Secretary Tommy Beaudreau, and OMB Deputy Director for Management and CHCO Council Vice-Chair Jason Miller all presented awards at the ceremony, while the Secretary of the VA, Denis McDonough, joined to express his congratulations to the winners. Throughout the awards ceremony, panel discussion, and reception, the event highlighted innovations to date and emphasized OPM's continued commitment to strengthening HR and the federal workforce. Congratulations to all the award winners:

• Founder Award - Reginald (Reggie) Wells

• Lifetime Service Award - Raymond (Ray) Limon

• OPM Collaborator Award - William (Billy) Milton, Jr.

• CHCO of the Year Award - Tracey Therit

CHCO Council 2022 Annual Report to Congress

By CHCO Council Staff - May 2023

In accordance with the requirement established through Public Law 107-296, Section 1303(d), on May 4, 2023, the Chief Human Capital Officers Council 2022 Report to Congress was issued. The report reflects on the many accomplishments of the Council in 2022. Among successes, this year the Council held monthly CHCO Council meetings, instituted new Personnel Policy Office Hours, established five working groups and two communities of practice, launched a new website, and held a Fall Forum. Additionally, there is a new required section this year in the report on employment barriers from the CHCO perspective. As OPM Director and CHCO Council Chair, Kiran Ahuja, notes in the report, “As human capital leaders, CHCOs offer critical input. They strengthen our policies and deliver feedback in real-time, allowing us to provide timely support to help Federal agencies deliver on their respective missions.” We encourage you to read the full 2022 Report to Congress and look forward to expanding upon this important work in 2023.

CHCO Council 2022 Public Meeting

By CHCO Council Staff - December 2022

CHCO Council 2022 Public Meeting
On December 13, 2022, the CHCO Council hosted the 2022 Public Meeting. The Public Meeting is the annual CHCO Council meeting per statue open to everyone such as federal employees, members of the press, good government groups, and members of the public. With nearly 300 attendees at this year's meeting, the CHCO Council was able to highlight OPM accomplishments from the year and shine a light on CHCO Council agencies who are implementing OPM policy and strategy. This year's meeting was focused on accomplishments and achievements regarding shared certificates, multi-agency hiring, and skills-based hiring. The meeting provided a great platform for CHCOs to share some of the progress they've made on implementing innovative hiring solutions. Look out for information about our next Public Meeting in December 2023.

CHCO Council Fall Forum

By CHCO Council Staff - October 2022

CHCO Council Chair, Director Ahuja, is seated with 12 attendees of the CHCO Council Fall Forum.
On October 21, OPM convened CHCOs and Deputy CHCOs for the first CHCO Council Fall Forum in several years. It was a terrific opportunity to build community and strengthen relationships between Council members. The agenda focused on building a shared vision for the future of the federal workforce and the HR workforce needed to achieve this future state. CHCO Council Chair, Director Ahuja, kicked off the event. CHCOs facilitated several discussions and OPM staff discussed key policy priorities in the pipeline.

Public Service Loan Forgiveness Update for Federal Employees

By CHCO Council Staff - August 2022

At the June CHCO Council meeting Ashley Harrington, Senior Advisor to the Chief Operating Officer, Department of Education, Office of Federal Student Aid reminded CHCOs about the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Temporary Overhaul. For a limited period of time, federal student loan borrowers may receive credit for past periods of repayment that would otherwise not qualify for PSLF. The change expires October 31, 2022. After that, normal PSLF rules will apply. This benefit is valuable to the federal workforce and CHCOs were encouraged to send this information to their agency employees and to connect the with Department of Education to host special webinar sessions on the temporary overhaul for employees. Questions on PSLF can be answered on the Federal Student Aid website.

CHCO Council Priorities Set

By CHCO Council Staff - April 2022

With the valuable feedback of CHCOs and the Executive Steering Committee (ESC), the CHCO Council has established four priorities for 2022. These priorities reflect key issues CHCOs would like to shape and align with OPM's Strategic Plan and the President's Management Agenda. The four priorities are:

1. Inform Human Capital Policy Development

2. Build HR Workforce Capacity and Capability

3. Improve Human Capital Data Collection and Use

4. Foster Strategic Partnerships to Elevate Human Capital

Working Groups will be established soon to support execution of the work. The CHCO Council looks forward to continuing the partnership with CHCOs to help make the Federal Government a model employer.

2021 CHCO Council Annual Report Issued

By CHCO Council Staff - March 2022

At the end of March 2022, the Chief Human Capital Officers Council 2021 Report to Congress was issued in accordance with the requirement established through Public Law 107-296, Section 1303(d). The report included reflections on the 2021 accomplishments of the Council. In 2021 the Council took steps to reinvent itself with successes marked by a strong partnership between OPM, OMB, and CHCOs. As Executive Director of the CHCO Council and Senior Advisor to the Director, Margot Conrad notes in the report, “I am proud of what we achieved and believe we laid the groundwork in 2021 for continued growth and success in 2022.” We encourage you to read the full Chief Human Capital Officers Council 2021 Report to Congress.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) Hiring

By CHCO Council Staff - January 2022

OPM has been regularly convening CHCOs and HR staff from the six agencies directly impacted by the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA). In addition, OPM recently issued a shared announcement for those agencies to hire HR Specialists, as many will immediately begin supporting agencies in implementing the IIJA. HR Specialists serve in essential, mission-driven roles and have the opportunity to help the government achieve a trusted, effective civilian workforce. As part of the job posting, a new short HR video was created by OPM to showcase to showcase what you can do with an HR background and the important work of HR professionals. The IIJA supports projects rebuilding America's roads, bridges and rails; expanding access to clean drinking water; increasing access to high-speed internet; tackling environmental challenges; advancing environmental justice; and investing in communities. This shared job opportunity announcement has initially proven to be a beneficial streamlined effort for each of the IIJA agencies to find qualified candidates from the same centralized job positing.

Executive Steering Committee (ESC) Launched

By CHCO Council Staff - December 2021

The CHCO Council has officially convened a new Executive Steering Committee (ESC)! The six-member ESC consists of CHCO Council Executive Director Margot Conrad, General Services Administration CHCO, Traci DiMartini, Department of Justice CHCO, Catherine Emerson, National Science Foundation CHCO, Wonzie Garner, U.S. Trade Representative CHCO and Chair of the Small Agency Human Resources Council, Jamesa Moone, and Department of Veterans Affairs CHCO, Tracey Therit. Members were nominated and selected by their peers, with final approval by the CHCO Council Chair. The concept of an ESC was thoughtfully developed by the "Strengthening the CHCO Council Working Group as part of their charge to rebuild the Council with its return to OPM. The Working Group" drafted a new CHCO Council Charter—issued in December 2021 - which articulates the roles of the ESC. Specifically, the CHCO Council Charter states that "…at the request of the Chair, the Executive Director may lead an Executive Steering Committee for the CHCO Council. The ESC is responsible for advising the Council Leadership on the Council's strategic direction and priorities and fostering a strong relationship between OPM and the Council."

The ESC is a diverse body, with members representing varied backgrounds and experiences, agencies of different sizes and mission areas, and lengths of tenure. Committee members, including the Executive Director of the CHCO Council, will serve two-year terms. More information about the ESC Members can be viewed on the Committees and Working Groups page.

Updated CHCO Council Charter

By CHCO Council Staff - December 2021

The CHCO Council is pleased to share its new charter! The charter is a product of the "Strengthening the CHCO Council Working Group", which began meeting regularly earlier this year to support the CHCO Council Executive Director in reviewing and improving Council operations, resources, membership, communications, and connectivity with other cross-agency councils. The working group drafted updates to the charter after researching other council charters and talking with their leadership. All CHCO Council members were then invited to provide feedback on the updated draft.

The new CHCO Council charter includes a number of changes intended to strengthen and elevate the council, including updated objectives, language clarifying the role and responsibilities of leadership and membership, and a new Executive Steering Committee. This was an important, collaborative effort between CHCOs and OPM, since the charter hadn't been updated since it was created in 2003. We believe these changes will strengthen the council and set it up for success in the future.

CHCO Council Holds Annual Public Meeting

By CHCO Council Staff - December 2021

On December 14, 2021 the CHCO Council hosted its first annual public meeting since the functions of the Council were reinstated at OPM. During the meeting, CHCO Council Chair and OPM Director Kiran Ahuja shared her vision for the future of the federal workforce and highlighted the importance of the CHCO Council partnership in achieving that vision. The meeting also included an overview of CHCO Council accomplishments in the past year, updates from council working groups, special CHCO member recognition, and presentation of a new model for attracting cyber talent for the future. We encourage you to view Director Ahuja's full remarks to the Chief Human Capital Officers Council at the Public Meeting and join us at our 2022 annual public meeting.

President's Management Agenda (PMA)

By CHCO Council Staff - November 2021

The President's Management Agenda (PMA) launched on November 18, 2021 is President Biden's plan to create an effective, equitable, and accountable government that delivers results for all Americans. This kicks off a multi-stage, multi-year, Administration-wide effort to advance management priorities across the entire federal government. The first priority of the PMA is "Strengthening and Empowering the Federal Workforce." The CHCO Council provided feedback on key workforce priorities, which helped inform the development of the PMA. In the coming months, a number of CHCOs and their staff will be tapped to serve on cross-agency teams to further the development and implementation of the four strategies related to recruiting and hiring, employee engagement, the future of work and building the personnel system and support required to sustain the federal government as a model employer.

Visit Performance.gov for more on the PMA.

OPM Issues Reentry Guidance Informed by CHCO Council Working Group

By CHCO Council Staff - July 2021

OPM issued Additional Guidance on Post-Reentry Personnel Policies and Work Environment to agencies. The guidance included a set of frequently asked questions covering telework, remote work, and other human resources policies related to reentry and a fact sheet providing guidance and example scenarios for determining official worksites, location-based pay entitlements, and travel benefits for employees under telework and remote work arrangements. Special thanks to the CHCO Council working group on the future of work, which has been meeting weekly since early spring and contributed to the development of this guidance. Thanks, as well, to GSA for their partnership on the fact sheet.

OPM Announces Reinstatement of CHCO Council Functions

By CHCO Council Staff - July 2021

At her first CHCO Council meeting, OPM Director and CHCO Council Chair, Kiran Ahuja, announced that the CHCO Council administrative functions have been officially reinstated at OPM after the leadership and administration were bifurcated between OPM and GSA since 2019. The move signals OPM's commitment to engaging and elevating CHCOs as strategic human capital partners. In a statement issued that day, Ahuja said "I'm pleased that we are restoring these functions at OPM as part of our commitment to reinvigorating the CHCO Council," said OPM Director Kiran Ahuja. "The CHCO Council is an invaluable collaborative resource for OPM and the federal government. OPM is committed to partnering closely with CHCOs to help solve critical human capital management challenges that face our federal workforce and I look forward to leading the council as we work to rebuild, strengthen, and support the federal workforce."

View OPM's full press statement on the OPM website.

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