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Meetings and Events

How We Operate

Monthly CHCO Council Meetings

The CHCO Council generally hosts meetings with its members typically for two hours on the third Tuesday of every month.

Each year the CHCO Council holds a Fall Forum for members as well as an Annual Public meeting typically in December. Information will be posted here on the Public Meeting for those interested in attending.

Monthly CHCO Council Meetings

Other CHCO Council Meetings

In addition to the official monthly CHCO Council meetings, CHCO Council staff brings the CHCO community together throughout the course of the year for special sessions as issues arise outside the normal monthly meeting cadence.

In 2022, the CHCO Council also instituted new CHCO Council Personnel Policy Office Hours to provide more opportunities for the CHCO community to share early input with OPM on policies under consideration.

The CHCO Council Executive Director also actively seeks input from CHCOs on an individual or small group basis to help inform OPM policy development and programmatic priorities.