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Carmen Garcia

Carmen Garcia

Chief Human Capital Officer

Office of Personnel Management

Carmen Garcia was appointed Deputy HR Director & Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer for the U.S. Office of Personnel Management in July 2021. In this role, Ms. Garcia assists the Chief Human Capital Officer in shaping corporate human resources strategy, policy, and solutions to workforce management issues within the Agency. Ms. Garcia also oversees OPM's executive resources functions and leads the Agency's internal diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility efforts.

Prior to this role, Ms. Garcia oversaw the performance management and executive resources programs for the Agency. She also established OPM HR's first Human Capital Strategy team whose focus is on performing data-driven workforce planning, competency modeling, position analysis, and staffing forecasting.

Ms. Garcia began her career in public service in the Federal Career Intern Program at the Department of Labor. She joined OPM in 2009 and has served in various roles as an HR practitioner acquiring expertise in a full range of HR specializations.

Ms. Garcia Holds a bachelor's degree from the Catholic University of America.

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