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Carin Otero

Carin Otero

Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

Department of Labor

Ms. Otero is the Department of Labor's Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer and has more than 30 years of Federal service. Ms. Otero has held a number of key leadership positions in the human capital arena throughout the Federal Government.

Before joining DOL, she served as the Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency at the Department of Homeland Security. Prior to that, she served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary for Human Resources Management in the Department of Veterans Affairs'(VA) Office of Human Resources and Administration, overseeing VA's human resources policy and information technology efforts. Ms. Otero also previously worked at the Department of Defense as the Deputy Director of Operations in the Defense Civilian Personnel Advisory Service and at the US Department of Commerce.

Ms. Otero proudly served on President Barack Obama's Task Force with responsibility to increase Federal Employment Opportunities for Veterans. Early in her professional career, Ms. Otero also worked as a staff member in the US House of Representatives.

Ms. Otero hails from Pennsylvania and holds a Bachelor's degree from the Pennsylvania State University.

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