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Tyshawn Thomas

Tyshawn Thomas

Chief Human Capital Officer

Office of Personnel Management

Tyshawn Thomas has worked as a Human Capital professional and leader within the federal service for over 10 years. Mr. Thomas began his federal career with the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) within the Student Career Experience Program. Mr. Thomas quickly learned what it took to succeed in an efficient Human Resources (HR) office and a highly technical agency. After leaving the DISA, he worked at several Department of Defense components as a Senior HR professional in policy, operations, and oversight.

Mr. Thomas joined the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as the agency's Staffing and Classification group manager within the internal HR office and was later selected to serve as the Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer (CHCO). Mr. Thomas has spent most of his career providing Human Capital advice and guidance to various agencies and building relationships. This has enabled him to foster trusting working relationships allowing HR to have a seat at the table and be regarded as a trusted advisor. In March 2020, Mr. Thomas was appointed the Director of OPM Human Resources and the Chief Human Capital Officer.

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