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Philippe A. Lussier

Philippe A. Lussier

Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

Department of State

Mr. Lussier is currently a Deputy Assistant Secretary in the Bureau of Global Talent Management, U.S. State Department, leading the Department's workforce planning and analysis, position, and FTE management, pay and compensation policy, shared services, Civil Service talent management, including executive resources. He has been at the U.S. Department of State since November 2004, first as the Division Chief for Workforce Planning and Analysis and then as Office Director for Resource Management and Organization Analysis, Bureau of Resources.

He is responsible for the Department's Foreign Service promotion and hiring plans, the 5-Year Workforce and Succession Plan, Civil Service personnel policies, Executive Resource Management, Workforce Analytics. A former career Air Force Officer, he also spent 8 years in private industry at LMI Government Consulting.

Mr. Lussier is a 2009 and 2015 recipient of a Meritorious Executive, Presidential Rank Award.

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