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Kimya Lee

Kimya Lee

Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer

Department of Homeland Security

Dr. Kimya Lee serves as the Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer for the Department of Homeland Security. She is responsible for overseeing the Human Capital aspects of the Secretary's Infrastructure Transformation initiatives.

Prior to becoming the Deputy Chief Human Capital Officer, Dr. Lee served as the Executive Director, Strategic Workforce Planning and Analysis in the Office of the Chief Human Capital Officer (OCHCO). Leveraging her background in Social Science Research and Statistical Analysis, as well as more than 20 years of experience in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Lee oversaw a portfolio that includes key DHS human capital functions, including Human Capital Strategic Planning, Data Analytics, Human Capital Accountability, and Government Accountability Office High Risk initiatives.

Prior to becoming the Executive Director, she served as OCHCO's Senior Advisor on Strategic Human Capital Research and Evaluation, where she helped to improve organizational effectiveness by developing and utilizing a more rigorous base of information and scientific evidence to guide decisions about programs, policies, implementation, and management. She served as a consultant to OCHCO senior executives on the application of innovative research procedures, analytic tools, and methods of communicating findings.

Before joining OCHCO, Dr. Lee served in the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) as the manager of the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey and OPM's Survey Analysis Group, later becoming OPM's Senior Advisor on Research and Evaluation. During her time at OPM, Dr. Lee led the transformation of a government-wide survey into an effective tool for managers to better understand employee views of the workplace and provide critical data for leaders to improve employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance. For this effort, she was recognized as a finalist for a Samuel J. Heyman, Service to America Medal in 2016.

Dr. Lee spent 12 years in the private sector at Westat, a statistical research firm, where she was the Senior Study Director focusing on Employee and Workforce Studies.

She earned her BA in Psychology from Seton Hall University, and her MA and Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Howard University. In 2015, Dr. Lee attended Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Senior Executive Fellows program.

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